There’s nothing funny about a dry mouth in Lawrenceville, GA


Many people have a dry sense of humor, but there’s nothing funny about having a dry mouth in Lawrenceville, GA.

Xerostomia, often referred to as dry mouth, is a symptom, not a disease, but when you have dry mouth it’s nothing to laugh about.

Dry mouth in Lawrenceville, GA can cause trouble talking, a constant sore throat, a burning sensation in your mouth or throat, problems swallowing, hoarseness, and dry nasal passages at the least.

Saliva is a huge part of our bodies natural defense against tooth decay and gum disease, so chronic dry mouth can cause a myriad of difficulties in your mouth.

Also, sometimes called cottonmouth, when it’s a side effect of certain medications, allergy meds, painkillers, decongestants, or diuretics, it can be particularly troublesome. It seems that there is nothing that can help, and many times the medications are necessary to exist.

Not only can your thirst not be quenched, it can cause issues with eating. Lack of taste is often a side effect of the side effect.

Constant dry mouth is an indicator. It isn’t something to be taken lightly. Uncontrolled diabetes, infections, hormonal changes, and adverse reactions to chemotherapy can cause the condition as well.

If you are experiencing dry eyes and a dry nose as well, it may be an indication of Sjögren's. Sjögren's is an autoimmune disease that affects mainly women, over 40 years of age, and it’s estimated that over 2.5 million people are currently undiagnosed.

The dental staff in our office is your first line of defense for dry mouth. Not only can they check to make sure that you have no additional tooth decay or any oral infections, they can check to see for demineralization of your teeth.

Saliva isn’t just water. It produces calcium and phosphate ions that help to keep the enamel of our teeth strong.

As with most scenarios in the dental community, good oral hygiene can help. Making sure to brush your teeth gently, at least twice a day, and chewing sugar-free gum can often help your body produce additional saliva. There is also artificial saliva and oral rinses that you may be able to use.

We understand that circumstances may not allow you to stop taking certain medications, but we can find the answers to keep your mouth healthy. Call us for a consultation today! It’s no laughing matter.