Filling the void in your tooth in Lawrenceville, GA


Whether you’ve had trauma to your teeth, decay, or even a root canal in Lawrenceville, GA, Dental Fillings in Lawrenceville, GA are important. As the most cost effective, generally least painful and invasive, and most known are fillings.

History of Dental Filling

Fillings have been found dating back as far as around 9,000 years ago. In Italy, teeth were found that dated 6,500 years ago, made of beeswax.

Materials used were anything from cork to stone chips. These were often used in conjunction with hot, melted, copper, lead, or acids, poured over the tooth.

In the 18th century, gold crowns covered with white enamel to make them look more like teeth, and porcelain were introduced.

Dental amalgams use began in the late 19th century. Mixtures of tin, silver, mercury, and copper were used to replace material that was extracted. Unfortunately, many patients got sick. The mercury would seep into the soft tissue, leading to everything from multiple sclerosis and cancer.

The ADA was formed in the mid 1800’s to assist in regulating amalgams. And until the 20th century, the standards remained the same.

Dental Fillings Now

Amalgams and porcelain are still used, however the days of the silver filling in your molars is coming to an end.

With the introduction of composite resins and glass ionomer cement, dental facilities have the ability to replace the silver with materials that more closely resemble your tooth.

Amalgams are still the cheapest form of fillings, and the second longest lasting. A silver filling can last 10 - 15 years. They are strong but unattractive, and even though there are strict regulations, the concerns for mercury seepage are still present.

Gold fillings are still used as well. Gold is the most expensive of the filling materials and the longest lasting. Whether it’s gold foil, or actual melted gold, the material lasts upwards of 15 years minimum. They are very strong and durable, but conspicuous, and the procedure to have them placed takes longer.

Composite resin is the way to go for most people, especially when the filling is for chipped or damaged front teeth. While the composite resins can’t take the excessive force that gold and amalgams can, they can be applied to match the color of your other teeth, making them virtually undetectable. They last around 10 years and aren’t don’t cost nearly as much as gold.

Finally, for children mainly, the glass ionomer filling costs about the same as the composite resin. The longevity is up to about 5 years and can match the color of the other teeth. The glass ionomer fillings do wear more than other fillings, but they release fluoride which can be a plus for children’s teeth.

Reasons for getting a filling in Lawrenceville, GA

Dark spots on your teeth, a cavity in your tooth, chipped or broken teeth or sensitivity to hot and cold beverages or foods can often lead to the need for a filling.

Taking care of these symptoms is imperative to keep bacteria from growing in the tooth and leading to possible infections, abcesses, or tooth loss. By taking away the damage and filling the void, it gives your mouth the extra time it needs. It also keeps other surrounding teeth from becoming damaged.

Other options

Crowns, caps, and even extracting the tooth can also be options. Both caps and crowns are more expensive and the procedures are lengthier. Extractions should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. When your tooth is taken out it can cause your other teeth to shift, changing your bite pattern, and your ability to chew. In the long run, you may be looking at the cost of dentures or implants to correct the issue.

Dental x-rays will determine what teeth may benefit from fillings. Dental staff want to make sure that your mouth is healthy so contact us at (770) 962-4322 to fill the void.