Dentists embracing Technology in Lawrenceville, GA


Dental Technology in Lawrenceville, GA is quite amazing. From Lasers to Artificial Intelligence, dentistry is constantly evolving with the technology. In Lawrenceville, GA, we are taking notice of these new technologies and what they can mean for our patients!

It is amazing how quickly technology is evolving. It took almost 100 years for the dental chair to get an update and now they come equipped with everything from heated seats to engines that provide power for suction and water.

3-D printing Dental Technology in Lawrenceville, GA

3-D printing isn’t just for printing toys and figures. With more materials being adapted for use, in 2021 alone, crowns and dentures have gone from a week or more wait to availability in a day. Most local labs now utilize the technology and more dental practices are using 3-D printers in office.

The tool can assist in creating implants, prosthodontics, and custom guards for straightening and teeth apnea.

Laser Technology for Dental offices

The use of diode lasers:

  • ‍Decreases the amount of sutures needed

  • Leads to less bleeding

  • Reduces risk of infection

  • And promotes faster healing

  • Involves little or no pain

  • Let’s say that again, involves little or no pain.‍

Many medications make oral surgeries difficult. Patients on blood thinners, for example, often have to either go without their medication when having a procedure which can cause difficulty. The laser also kills bacteria as it works, meaning less chance of infection when the surgery is over.

Dental Tele-Health and Video Visits

The use of tele-health and video visits is increasing. While you can’t get your teeth cleaned in a Zoom call, many times an appointment to come into the office isn’t necessary. Consultations, self care advice, and problems that can be addressed with over the counter remedies can be quickly dispatched leaving more room for appointments that require time in the chair.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is now being used to reduce pain and anxiety in patients. By creating a virtual calm, it helps to soothe patients and in some cases has actually been used in lieu of sedation. Patients are able to pick a place that soothes them and let the VR take them away.

Artificial Intelligence

Skynet isn’t in control of your dental visit, but smart toothbrushes that track your dental habits and allow dentists to steer you away from potential problems, as well as AI assisted diagnostics are on the rise.

Don’t worry though, people are still in charge of the drill.

Social Media

The possibilities are endless and growing day by day. Most dental practices use social media to provide you with information on hygiene, procedures, and news about the industry, like this. You need to look no further than your smart phone to see if the office is open on a holiday, or what a tip of the week might be.

So, on your next visit ask us what new technologies you may be able to take advantage of and what we plan in the future. And follow us on social media to let us know what new technologies excite you!