Braces are only one reason to see an Orthodontist in Lawrenceville, GA


When you think of orthodonture, you may only think of braces, but Orthodontists in Lawrenceville, GA provide so much more.

History of Orthodonture

As early as 400 BC, Greeks and Romans tried to find a way to straighten teeth. Archeologists have found appliances in digs of ancient cities, and in one case a device was found along with instructions.

In 1841 the term orthodonture was first used to describe the practice of applying metal cribs to straighten teeth. Gold was originally used but in the 1970’s the metal brackets and wires were mainly made of stainless steel.

Orthodonture Today

Today, 3D imaging allows orthodontists to get a full image immediately. Braces themselves have also changed. Metal is not the only way to go. Clear plastic, ceramic, and braces placed in the back of the mouth may be able to do the same thing.

Who Needs an Orthodontist in Lawrenceville, GA

Orthodontists in Lawrenceville, GA may be consulted with for patients as young as two years old. Palate and jaw problems can often be identified between the ages of two and five and corrections for these issues can start between 4 and 10 years of age.

Braces, aligners, and other major treatments generally start after the age of 10. Early intervention is always preferred, but any age may benefit from orthodontic treatment.

  • Clear Aligners are often a great choice for an improper bite, or malocclusion. They are removable, aesthetically pleasing, don’t leave white calcifications once removed, are virtually painless, and can correct almost any problem metal braces can. They are usually made of patented plastic that contains no BPA, BPS, latex, or gluten.

  • Metal braces, headgear, and retainers are also fitted to straighten your teeth, hold your teeth in place after straightening and hold teeth in place while straightening is occurring.

  • Space maintainers are usually used to keep spaces free when baby teeth are lost too early. Cheek bumpers or lip bumpers help to prevent damage to the insides of the lips and cheeks to reduce pressure and keep primary teeth from crowding before the baby teeth have all been lost.

  • Mouthguards protect you during extreme sports or in cases of TMJ. Orthodontists can provide a custom fitted guard to keep your teeth safe.

  • Special appliances may be required, such as expanders to help a child’s top palate to fit all of their teeth. Appliances can also be custom made to assist in tongue thrust and thumb sucking which can cause a child to require braces in the future.

  • TMJ and Sleep Apnea often require custom guards as well. An orthodontist can determine what device will best suit your needs to stop the grinding or in conjunction with a CPAP to keep sleep apnea under control.

Orthodontists also perform extractions to remove teeth that may already be or become overcrowded, and in some cases, orthognathic surgery in cases where there are severe malformations of the jaw or palate and standard orthodontics aren’t viable.

No matter your issue or your age, a straight healthy smile makes for more than just a pretty face. Your teeth can do a better job, helping with digestion and breathing, which makes for a healthier overall you.

The desire for straight teeth is nothing new, but the techniques have thankfully gotten less intrusive and a lot less painful. To find out what orthodonture can do for you, contact us at (770) 962-4322.