Are your teeth worn down in Lawrenceville, GA?


Tooth wear in Lawrenceville, GA isn’t just a matter of taking a nap. There are many causes and the good news is there are many solutions.

Tooth Wear in Lawrenceville, GA

Tooth wear is simply defined as the enamel of the tooth wearing away. The enamel on your teeth is the hardest substance produced by your body. It is the first line of defense in your mouth against sensitivity, cracks and damage, and tooth decay.

Common Causes of Tooth Wear in Lawrenceville, GA


Whether it’s sweet tea, starchy foods, or a bag of cookies, sugar is by far one of the worst enemies to enamel. Bacteria loves sugar almost as much as we do and having that mint on the pillow after brushing your teeth may not be the best idea.


Alcohol dries your mouth preventing saliva from being produced. Saliva isn’t just there to allow you to drool when the pizza is about to arrive. It’s produced to neutralize bacteria and acids in your mouth that can cause decay.

Oral Hygiene Products

Certain mouthwashes and tooth whiteners can also lead to wear on teeth. Some mouthwashes that contain germicides to help fight bacteria in your mouth can also increase the formation of tartar on your teeth. Some over the counter tooth whitening products can cause problems as well. The chemicals used can eventually begin to break down the enamel, leaving exposed pulp or causing sensitivity.


Soda’s are a problem not just because of the sugar, but also the carbonation. Even zero sugar carbonated water can produce acids that are strong enough to even wear on teeth that have been sealed.


Citric acid from oranges, grapefruits, even tomatoes can eat away at the enamel of your teeth. Those who suffer from acid reflux can also have issues. The gastric acid from your stomach is as tough as the enamel of your tooth is strong.


Grinding and clenching teeth at night is one of the leading causes of tooth wear. Also known as Bruxism, grinding and clenching your teeth can cause flattening, and fractures of your teeth as the enamel breaks down.


Chewing on pens and pencils, using a toothbrush with bristles that are too hard, piercings in the mouth, even biting the nails can cause abrasions on the enamel which increases the wear to the teeth.

Poor Hygiene

Last but not least, poor oral hygiene. As with many problems that occur within your mouth, following a good oral hygiene plan is key to keeping your smile bright and your mouth happy. Many of the causes above can be countered simply by following a good plan, brushing your teeth after meals and sweets, and keeping your appointments for cleanings and exams.

Our dental staff is here to help you figure out the best oral hygiene plan for your mouth. Even if your teeth are worn simply because they’re getting old. Call us for a consultation today at (770) 962-4322.