"I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Houenou and the team at Optima Dental. Several years ago, I needed to have some work done on my teeth and was fortunate enough to come across Dr. Houenou. I am so thankful to have found a knowledgeable dentist who has built a practice around exceptional care. Since then, he has been my dentist, and I highly recommend him if you’re looking for a personable and professional dentist. Please consider Dr. Houenou and his team at Optima Dental for all of your dental needs."

“We can summarize our experience with the dentist and Optima Dental through the use of four C’s – caring (personnel), comfortable (environment), compassionate and competent.

“Our first experience with the dentist was the result of Terry’s horrific pain from his wisdom teeth. Terry was in need of immediate care and the staff’s caring demeanor (for a complete stranger) was phenomenal. He was scheduled to see the dentist almost immediately and was treated with such care and compassion that helped to make this painful situation a bearable one.

“The dentist’s ability to calm our nerves as he explained the treatment plan was very much needed. We’ve had experiences in the past that have felt hurried but this was certainly not the case.

“The care following the procedure was just as affirming in that the dentist contacted Terry at home that evening to make certain he was progressing well. This level of compassion and concern is not often felt (especially in larger practices). We were so impressed by his willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty to check in on our patient.

“We appreciate the four C’s of our dental practice and encourage others to experience the same. A visit to the dentist can be frightening (for many reasons) so it really helps to have a dentist and an entire staff that cares!”

“the dentist has been a great dentist in serving our whole family. We have been patients of the dentist since he started Optima Dental on Sugarloaf Pkwy. We continue seeing the dentist because we are very satisfied with the service he has achieved.

“We really enjoy being around the family environment that the dentist and his staff offer the patients. The service given to us has always been so outstanding and professional that it hasn’t even crossed our minds to look for another dentist

“We love the upgrades the dentist has done to his office in dental equipment and technology.”

“I am extremely pleased with the care and dedication of the entire staff at Optima Dental. They are highly trained professionals who possess the qualities of kindness and caring which are so important for any patient. The office is warm and welcome and I always feel that I am treated with the loving care one might expect from family.

“My special compliments to the dentist. I found him to be the most caring and personable doctor I’ve ever been to. He is a good listener who is quick to address any concerns or questions you may have. I have always been completely satisfied with my treatments.

“I cannot say enough about how thrilled I am to have found such a wonderful doctor. I was lucky to meet the dentist several years ago. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a dental professional.

“I absolutely love the dentist. I can only thank him for giving me such great care. I find him to be thorough and methodical in terms of evaluation and treatment.”

“After many attempts to find the right fit for me in dentistry – I found the dentist"!

“For years I have suffered with chronic allergies and sinus problems. This poses a BIG problem for dentist when I have to come up for air – to breath every 4-5 minutes".

“With my experience – the dentist was very accommodating to my condition. Not once did he get annoyed or irritated but worked with me every step of the way. A few good jokes along the way".

“We have been through numerous root canals, crowns and fillings and my mouth and smile are beautiful because of the dentist! The follow up for after care is GREAT and he’s a nice person as well."

“I am so pleased and blessed to have the dentist as my dentist. I have a lot of fear and anxiety with any kind of dental work, but the dentist not only does top quality work, but he understands my fear and calms me.

“He is caring, compassionate and always there for me.

“Thank you the dentist and staff, you are terrific!”

“The office is always impeccable when my family and I are there. Very clean and welcoming.

“The staff is altruistic, sweet, friendly, pleasant, and very caring.

“Customer service is something I value. In some places I visit I am treated less than human it seems, but in your office I have never been mistreated and this speaks volumes about the care in the hiring process and the characteristics that you seek when placing someone in your office. It is wonderful!”

“Professional, knowledgeable…give them a call right now…they really, really do care”

Lawrenceville GA

“A very favourable experience”

Lawrenceville GA

“Treated me like family…was concerned about pain but am able to eat without any problems…discomfort was minimal”

Duluth, GA

“I dread going to the dentist, but all went very smoothly…very calming, very professional”

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