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Sedation Q & A

Many of our patients visit our clinic in Lawrenceville, Georgia with questions about sedation. At Optima Dental, we offer oral conscious sedation as part of our services and if you are interested to know more, we’ve answered the most commonly asked questions below.

1. Are you a candidate for sedation?

We’ll need to check your health history to be sure. But in general, if you feel anxious whenever you visit a dental clinic, you can truly benefit from sedation. If you are very afraid of pain, if the sounds and noises of our tools or even the sight of the dental chair makes you feel ill, or if you have a very bad experience in another dental clinic, then sedation can really help you get the dental treatments you need.

There are also others who aren’t exactly afraid but may still find sedation useful. For example, your teeth may be very sensitive or you have a really bad gag reflex. If these situations apply to you, oral conscious sedation can help you go through the treatments with greater comfort.

2. Is the use of sedation going to keep you from feeling any pain?

The pain you will actually feel during your dental treatment is irrelevant to your need for sedation. What matters is how you will react to pain and how anxious you get when the thought crosses your mind. We will sedate you so that you won’t have any anxiety, and not so you won’t feel pain. For pain we will still administer anesthesia.

3. Is oral conscious sedation complicated?

At Optima Dental, we make sure the process stays very simple. Basically, you’ll be given a pill, pop it in your mouth and wait for the effects. How complicated is that? And you won’t have to be unconscious at all. You will remain awake so you can still communicate with us. If you begin to feel uncomfortable, you can tell us so we can adjust your dosage.

4. Is it safe?

It is. Here at Optima Dental, we always make it a point that someone will be with you at all times, and that your vitals will be monitored continuously until your treatments are completed.

However, it won’t be safe for you to drive or to commute alone until the effects of the sedative completely wear off. That can take a while, so your best option is to have someone drive you home.

There are also no long-term effects to worry about. All in all, sedation is very safe.

5. How long will the effect last?

That depends on the dosage. We can time it just right so that you will be sedated throughout your dental procedure and not before the treatment is complete. We also won’t give you too much so you don’t end up feeling groggy for too long afterwards.

If you still have any more questions about sedation, feel free to call us at (770) 962-4322 so we can provide you with the answers you need. At Optima Dental, we really want you to know your options. If your anxiety is preventing you from visiting dental clinics regularly then perhaps in your case, sedation is the way to go.

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