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In dentistry as in other branches of medicine, surgery usually involves cutting into tissue and teeth using a scalpel, drill, and other hand-held devices. But continuous developments in the world of dentistry have paved the way for exciting breakthroughs in technology. One of these landmark improvements in dental techniques is piezosurgery.

What is Piezosurgery?

Piezosurgery is the use of a remarkable new device which utilizes ultrasonic vibration. It allows the dentist to cut through bone with great precision, because it offers a greater “feel” and the settings can be adjusted to deal with different bone densities. What’s really amazing about it is that it can be configured so that it doesn’t cut through soft tissue such as gums.

Uses of Piezosurgery

This new device and technique can be used in dentistry in a number of ways:

  • Tooth extraction. The usual method here involves wiggling the tooth to loosen it up until it comes out. That process usually stresses the jawbone and the gums. But with Piezosurgery, those stresses are greatly minimized because the device can be configured to loosen the hold of the jawbone on the tooth.
  • Bone grafting. When you want implants to replace your missing teeth, we need to make sure you have enough bone material in that spot to support the insertion of the titanium screw into the jawbone. If you don’t, we’ll need to harvest bone material from other parts of your body such as your chin, hip, or shin. With regular surgery, this would involve a lot of cutting into the tissue to harvest and graft the bone. But with Piezosurgery, the trauma to the surrounding areas of the bone is minimized.
  • Implant removal. In some cases, a dental implant will have to be removed. Since this procedure involves removing a screw that has been fused to the bone, it entails a lot of trauma to the surrounding areas and to the bone tissue. But with Piezosurgery, this is not a problem.

More and more uses have been discovered for Piezosurgery, and today it is a trailblazing device that is used in only the most advanced dental clinics.


The Piezosurgery technique and device offers several significant advantages. It allows for very precise cuts that cannot be achieved with conventional surgical tools. It is also very safe, as it offers precision without bone loss. Our dentists are properly trained to have greater control of the device compared to using conventional drills.

Since Piezosurgery can make sure that the soft tissue is untouched, bleeding can be minimized or even avoided altogether. That also gives us greater visibility when working on a patient’s mouth which then leads to better results.

And finally, the minimal damage to the soft tissue and the bone tissue means that you can recuperate faster with less risk of complications.

If you have any questions about how Piezosurgery can improve your oral health, call us at (770) 962-4322 and we’ll give you the answers you need. Piezosurgery is truly cutting edge dental technology and it gives numerous advantages to patients who need to undergo certain procedures in our Lawrenceville, Georgia clinic. Call Optima Dental today and find out how you can benefit from Piezosurgery.

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