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Mini Implants

Mini Implants

Have you heard of dental implants? When you lose a tooth or an entire row of teeth, you can have them replaced with dental bridges or dentures. These removable devices are inexpensive but they also do not feel very comfortable inside your mouth. But you also have the option to get dental implants which are very comfortable to wear as replacement for lost teeth. Optima Dental provides high quality dental implants in our clinic here in Lawrenceville, Georgia and one of our highly experienced dentists will basically “implant” titanium screws into your jawbone. But if your situation doesn’t allow for regular implants, then perhaps you can opt for our mini implants instead.

How It Works

Regular implants are usually used when you need to replace a single tooth. The dental implant acts as the root of the new tooth, and a crown is installed at the top.

Mini implants, on the other hand, are used when you need an entire set of lower or upper denture. We put in anywhere from 4 to 6 mini implants along your gum line, and they will serve as the foundation of your new dentures. So instead of getting just 4 to 6 new replacement teeth, you get an entire row of teeth to replace the ones you’ve lost.

The Advantages

As its name implies, a mini implant is a smaller version of the regular dental implant. Because of its size, it may be inserted in narrow spaces that regular implants can’t fit into. This means you can still be a candidate for mini implants even if you’re not a candidate for regular implants. You don’t have to settle for regular dentures.

The smaller size of the mini implant also means that there is no need to make an incision in your gums so that the implant can be inserted. These devices are small enough that we can simply insert them right through the gums and into the jawbone with no difficulty. This means you don’t have to wait for an extended period of time for your gums to heal, which you’ll need to do when you get regular dental implants. We can put in your new teeth after only a very short time, and in some cases we can put in the dentures right away.

Finally, its small size also means that a mini implant is much more affordable than a regular implant. So you get to save money too.

Why Choose Implants

The great thing about mini implants is that you get the same advantages that regular ones offer. First of all, these dental devices are fixed, so you won’t have to bother removing them every single day. You don’t need to worry about any accidental dislodgement during social or workplace situations. And they also feel very comfortable.

If you’ve lost teeth, call us at (770) 962-4322 and we can check if your missing teeth can be replaced with mini implants. At Optima Dental, you may be able to get a set of dentures that feels more comfortable and more secure in your mouth. With your new teeth, you’ll leave our Lawrenceville, Georgia dental clinic a completely different person.

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